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Ever since Bottom Line Consulting (BLC) took over billing duties, its been so easy going with billing and patients.  We are noticing that we now are able to get claims submitted the same day as service, which expedites everything for us and for the patients. If there are any questions the patients have, they go right to BLC instead of us. They are kind and courteous and they are able to answer all the questions the patients have, and if they can’t get the answer for the patient, they call us in the office and we can provide the information.  There is open communication between BLC, us and the patient so there is no confusion between anybody.

Scheduling system is so simple and easy to use. The amazing part is it will send out an automatic message to confirm the appointments, so now I am no longer on the phone calling 25 patients to find out who is coming in.  It also lets me notate no shows and cancellation so I can keep a record of patients’ activity.  Also, it’s amazing I can get the whole list for the day and the eligibility verified.  I can see off our schedule if I am good to go for the day or if there is something I need to follow up on if I need to get a new insurance card from them…its really simple because it lets me know what action I need to take as patients are coming in.

We no longer have to worry about claim denials, when there are issues with insurance or eligibility, BLC actually finds out the issue and what needs to be done to fix it.   This has freed me up to get more things done as I used to spend many hours on the phone with insurance companies dealing with unpaid claims.

Monies collected has significantly increased. So, the Doctor is very, very satisfied!   Doctor used to give me a stack of claim denials that were running out of time to resubmit.  I have not seen one of those since they took over. Dr. is now getting more money now that he’s ever seen, just because they follow up on every claim.  Every claim is followed up…there is nothing left in limbo or left to expire past the time allowed.

Rosie Luna 

Office Manager

"I have been a client of Bottom Line Consulting for over a year.  Prior to using them, was primarily doing all of the billing and practice managements myself.  I am a solo Family Medicine practitioner and was a little bit hesitant to bring someone else on board to assist with managing the billing and cash flow issues with this practice. After partnering with Bottom Line Consulting, I can say that the experience has been overwhelmingly positive.  They have been able to identify areas of the practice where I was losing quite a bit of money, and implement solutions that have greatly increased the cash flow for this practice.


The overall collection rate that we have been able to achieve through bottom line consulting is greater than 30% from our prior billing methods (This is a conservative estimate).  My primary contacts, Kent and Sheldon, have been extremely professional in dealing with the practice.  They are always able to notify me if there is a billing issue, and have been extremely helpful in making suggestions regarding the contracts we have with health insurance companies.


One example of this concerned a large contract that I had, which was a primarily fee-for-service arrangement.  Bottom line consulting advised me that by switching to a capitated arrangement, it would greatly increase revenue.  This plan was implemented and has successfully resulted in doubling the revenue I would receive from this particular health insurance plan.


The biggest benefits of using the service, however, has to do with the increased amount of time that I have been able to spend dealing with medical issues and patient care.  Having a billing service that you can trust has greatly relieved the stress that I have experienced with managing business practice issues.  It has allowed me to become a more efficient physician. This company is extremely competent and professional, and has allowed me to focus more time and energy on my patients, while ensuring that the revenue stream is properly managed. Choosing Bottom Line Consulting was one of the best decisions I have made since starting this practice."

Jeffrey Gin M.D

Healthy Family Medical Center

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