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Billing Services​

We provide a cloud-based medical billing service that delivers one of the lowest rejection rates in the industry.  We meticulously follow your claims from initial submission to payment posting. The end result is that our clients routinely lower their billing costs and receive claim payments faster.  While medical billing is a core service we provide our clients, it is only part of our Revenue Cycle Management approach. We review your administrative practices and provide solutions to improve your workflow which typically lowers your expenses and allow you and your staff to focus more on patient care.

Bottom Line Consulting works with physicians from all corners of the healthcare spectrum, so we have unique insights and experiences to help you build a stronger practice.  We monitor your financial performance of your practice and provide status reports on regular intervals. However, our cloud based service allows you 24/7 access to your billing data, so you can keep abreast of your financial performance as closely as you would like.  

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